Torque Exporter for DeleD 3D Editor

This DeleD plugin converts a DeleD Map (DMF) into a Torque-compatible .map file and then, optionally, leverages the legacy Torque map2dif tool to convert this map into the binary .DIF file format - all this in a single step!

Combining the intuitive modeling of DeleD and the sheer rendering performance of the Torque .DIF file format, this exporter strives to become the single most convenient and user-friendly pipeline for creating Torque interior files around.

Why Choose Our Exporter

Traditionally, levels for engines like Torque are build using brush-based modeling applications like Quark and Worldcraft. While these tools have the benefit of always generating convex geometry, most of them are not very user-friendly. More importantly, the actual practice of modeling using convex solids isn't very intuitive to artists who are used to traditional modeling packages.

We take a different approach. Build your map using the familiar concepts of polygons, edges and vertices. Preferably, build your models out of convex shapes. This might need a bit of practice. If for some reason one or two shapes end up concave, the exporter automatically slices those into convex brushes. In the odd case where the exporter is incapable of automatically taking care of things, it will tell you what DeleD primitive is the culprit, assisting you in manually adapting your scene to meet the Torque requirements.


  • Convenience: Create your geometry with the modeling power of DeleD, then export to Torque at the click of a mouse.
  • Texturing: Precise texturing and UV maps as offered by DeleD are accurately maintained when exportering your models to Torque.
  • Lights: Place point and spotlights (DeleD PRO only) to light up your scene.
  • Portal and detail brushes: Mark DeleD primitives with the desired classname to use more advanced Torque entity types.
  • Flexibility: Provide additional options to the map2dif conversion tool, or even use a different tool altogether. Set it up any way you want.
We strongly believe that the only way to create quality software is through listening to our users. If you have any ideas for additional features, please visit our forums and drop us a line!

Get Torque Exporter now!

The Torque Exporter is currently not available. It will soon be re-released as open source. Stay tuned!