Product Information
author: Delgine Team
added on: 2007-07-23
short description: MAP Importer 0.9b
DeleD version: 1.60 or above
filesize: 324kb
Product Images

download MAP Importer 0.9b

Full Description
This generic MAP importer imports both Valve 220 (half-life, etc.) and Quake .MAP files.
  • Supports geometry, textures and light_omni lights.
  • Textures that can not not found are replaced with grayscale dummy materials that are easy to identify and replace from within DeleD.
  • The null texture are is imported as a semi-translucent red surface, making it easy to spot portals and dummy faces.
  • Brush properties (classname, ambient_light, etc.) are stored inside the primitive Tag.
As this exporter is still in beta, any feedback is most appreciated!