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DeleD Interface

The Create / Edit Panel allows you to create and edit objects within your scene. The panel has 6 sections: (Note that Prefab Preview only appears if you have selected a Prefab from the Create Item frame)


Edit Mode

Manipulating vertices, edges, polygons, faces or even entire objects can be done using the four edit modes supported by DeleD. Keyboard shortcuts have also been built-in to make swapping into and out of edit modes a breeze. The edit modes supported are:

- Vertex (Shortcut - V) - Edge (Shortcut - E) - Polygon (Shortcut - P) - Face (Shortcut - F) - Object (Shortcut - O) Each of the supported edit modes has its own set of 3D manipulation commands. To use any of the available commands, you will first need to select the object before you can select the part of the object (Vertex, edge, polygon, face) you wish to manipulate. You can deselect everything by pressing the Escape button twice. When you deselect using the escape key twice, DeleD will automatically switch the current edit mode to Object.

Geometry Toolbox

The Geometry Toolbox commands allow you to modify your scene. Depending on the active Edit Mode, the appropriate commands will become available.

Constructive Solid Geometry

The Constructive Solid Geometry frame gives you access to even more powerful editing commands for your scene and objects. These commands are great for achieving things like uniting objects or subtracting objects from each other. To use any of the commands, simply select two or more objects you wish to apply the modification to, and then press the desired CSG command button. Please note that DeleD will use the last selected object as the operator.

Item Creation

The Create Item Frame allows you to create new objects within your scene. To do this, simply select the primitive (object type) you wish to create and then draw the object within your scene (2D scenes only). The Create Item frame also gives you the ability to create lights within your scene, along with using Prefabricated objects (also known as Prefabs).

Create / Command Properties

When adding a new primitive (object) to your scene, you can specify a number of properties that will be used in the creation of the primitive, thus giving you tight control over your objects at the time of creation. Each primitive has its own specific properties that you can control (This means properties that are available for one primitive, may not be available for another). DeleD aims to give you as much control over your objects as possible. Each command has specific Command Properties which can be altered in the Command Property window. Some commands (like move, scale and rotate) can be carried out by using only the mouse in the 2D views (although these commands can also be applied by the Command Property window). Other commands (like inset, hollow, split) need to be carried out by using the Command Property window. If a command does not have additional properties, DeleD will display "No additional properties needed" in this window.

Prefab Preview

The Prefab Preview frame will only be displayed when you select Prefab from the Create Item frame. With the Prefab displayed in the preview frame, you can use the mouse wheel or shift + right mouse to zoom in/out. You can also hold the right mouse button to rotate freely.

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