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Welcome to the community portal of the DeleDWiki! Here you'll (eventually) find a lists of things that need to be done. Don't hesitate to pick something up and do it, the power of a Wiki is in Getting Things Done as a community... the Wiki really needs your help to succeed!

If you want to contribute, you need to request an account. We need to have you request an account in order to stop spam-bots from registering. Serious requests are granted access within 24 hours.

The key element to building a succesful Wiki is: Be bold! If you see anything that should be changed, do it immediately. Perfection is not required, the community will take care of improving things over time.

Note: If you want to do some experimenting with the Wiki markup, please use our sandbox page.


Content Wish List

Put any wishes for articles you want to see in this Wiki below. If you are looking for an article to write, look no further.

  • Transcription of the help file (including images)
  • The Main Page needs work. The structure is currently ... well, of 'placeholder' quality at best.
  • Each of the commands inside the Geometry Toolbox needs a bit of attention: the descriptions should be improved. As a first step, the prevalent 'Engrish' should be fixed.
  • Normals - just a simple page explaining what it is, somewhere to point new users to.
  • Content PipeLines - I'd like to see separate pages where people describe a particular pipeline (say, from DeleD to the C4 engine).
  • Smoothing - some Pictures and explaination.
  • Explanation of the File formats, possibly both .dmf and .dxs, with links to loaders and maybe some pseudocode.

You could take a look at...

  • Prefabs - pretty empty, could have more content.
  • Plugin Development - we need lots of pages to explain developers how to develop a plugin, code samples, stuff like that.
  • Z-fighting, culling - simple, if someone knows more, add your knowledge.
  • Glossary - Everyone should look here and adding their Terms, good for us to know what you want to know.
  • Community Videos - Needs more video's, perhaps smaller by default, could use some color and lay-out.

Tutorial Wish List

Image Wish List

  • If someone could replace the Lightmapper screenshots with something better looking that would be great.
  • Merge and Eyedropper in the Geometry Toolbox are not illustrated, maybe you can do it ?

Meta Wish List

  • Templates
    • currently no wishes.
    • Working template list is here
  • Style guide for DeleDWiki (Wiki probably needs to mature a bit first)
  • Should start setting up categories
  • On the long run, some kind of integration to the board would be nice. Like a new BBCode tag. [wiki]textures[/wiki] would make a link out of it that leads you to the wiki page. I bet there already is a plugin for phpBB boards that does this. PJ: Nice idea, but I didn't find a plugin for it. PhpBB3 makes this really easy to do for an admin, but we are still on 2 at this point.
    • I'm writing now the mod for phpBB2x to add the [wiki] tags, should take a moment. --Nocturn 13:30, 21 February 2008 (CET)

Pages that should be deleted

Please post the dupes here.

Wiki Toolbox

  • List of Templates are here
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