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What do I do if DeleD will not start / crashes at startup with an Access Violation?

In 99 out of 100 cases, this problem is caused by outdated video drivers. DeleD is a 3D OpenGL application, and thus requires the latest version 'especially if you are running Windows Vista'. Having other 3D applications (games, etc.) run properly is not a guarantee that your drivers are current. Visit the website of your vendor (NVidia, ATI, etc) to make sure you are running the latest version. Note: Using Microsoft Update to acquire video drivers is generally not advised, in particular when you are using a laptop.

If updating your video drivers does not solve the problem, please report it at our forums. Provide as much information about your system and OS as possible.

Quote from one of the forum messages:

Boabmcb wrote (between other things): Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000

And Mr.Fletcher answered: Try to update your video card drivers

Which file formats are supported by DeleD?

At the moment DeleD supports DXS (DeleD XML Scene), DMF (DeleD Map Files), X, OBJ, 3DS, B3D, Ogre .MESH and DBO files.
Supported graphic formats are BMP, JPG, PNG, DDS and TGA files.

Can I use my own textures in DeleD?

Yes you can. Create a directory inside the Texture directory. Copy your textures to that directory. Your textures must be in JPG or BMP format and 24bits. Now go to the Material Editor in DeleD (second icon on the right of the cut/copy/paste icons). You'll see every directory listed in the lower right window (the "Available Textures"), just click such directory to see the textures inside. Then simply drag such texture to the Scene Materials window and drop it to create a new material (alternatively, use the Add Material Button). Then use the Layer frames on the left side to manipulate the material. Every change made to materials is immediately noticeable in the scene itself.

My textures don't seem to work properly?

DeleD handles textures of any dimension but in some cases, it is better to use power of 2 textures, e.g 512x512 or 256x128. This applies to skybox textures in particular.

How many polygons can DeleD handle in one map?

Depending on your hardware, DeleD can handle 10.000's of polygons. To work with very large scenes, you can hide parts of your scene which will speed-up the rendering process.

Why can't I manipulate the geometry of light objects?

Because there is no need to do that. Light objects contain all light information needed to light a scene and all you need to do is alter their properties to create the light effects you want. The light objects you see on screen are only there to point out where lights are situated in your scene, to specify the type of light at the same time and to show in which direction they shed light (in case of spotlights and directional lights.

I want to write my own plugins for DeleD. Is that possible?

Yes. DeleD has its own plugin system. Read the Plugin section of this Help file to learn more about creating plugins, visit the forum on our website or just go to the Plugin Development Wiki Page.

Does DeleD come with an UV mapper?

Yes. An integrated UV mapper allows you to manipulate individual UV coordinates.

Deled always runs very slow on my system. What can I do about it?

DeleD uses OpenGL for rendering purposes. You need a fairly decent videocard and (very important!) the latest graphics drivers. You might also try to reduce the number of polygons in your scenes or make parts of your scene invisible using the Visibility Tool.

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