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DeleD Interface

The Material Editor is a powerful tool that allows you to create and manage your materials. A material is a collection of up to 3 layers of texture or color information, and "blend modes" that determine how those layers interact. Most materials will simply contain of a single texture, but combinations of layers and "blend modes" can be used to create different effects. To launch the Material Editor, click on the Material Editor icon in the toolbar.

You can create categories in which you can place materials easily by simply dragging textures from the Texture directory (as shown in the lower right window) to the Materials window, or by pressing the Add Material button. You can add extra layers to individual materials and drag textures from the Available Textures onto those layers to select them. Alternatively, you can set the layer to color mode and select a single color for them.

The Replace Material screen shows all used materials in the current selection and enables you to change these. Simply choose a used material and choose a new material from the current materials in the scene and click Replace to replace one with the other.

General Properties

These are the generic properties of the currently selected material.

Name - The name of the material. Be careful when using special characters: while DeleD supports them, other applications / rendering engines may not, causing possible problems when exporting your scene. Note: The system material can not be renamed.

Tag - Technical information about the material, to be used by importers/exporters, rendering engines, etc. Comments - Any user comments about the material. Clicking the browse (...) button opens up a 80x25 window for convenient editing of this property.

Lighting Properties

These properties affect the way lightmaps are generated. Some of the can be overridden at the primitive level.

Enable Lightmap - Toggles whether surfaces mapped with this material will be lightmapped. For luminous and/or transparent surfaces (i.e. lights), you might want to turn lightmapping off. Disabling this option for any material will automatically disable 'Receive Shadows' as well.

Receive Shadows - Toggles whether surfaces mapped with this material will receive any shadows.

Cast Shadows - Toggles whether surfaces mapped with this material will cast shadows. To avoid problems with surfaces very close to or intersecting light sources, you might want to turn this off.


Alphablend - If you select a color with an alpha value (of less than 255), DeleD will automatically set the layer operation to Alpha blend. Now the alpha information is used to render the color semi-transparently. DeleD also allows the use of TGA, PNG and DDS files containing transparency information. By setting the blend mode to Alpha blend the material will be rendered according to the alpha-mask within the texture. DeleD supports 24-bit BMP files, JPG, TGA, PNG and DDS .

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