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DeleD Interface

A 3D object created within DeleD is referred to as a primitive.


Each primitive has a number of properties. These are:

Property Functionality
Name Object Name
Type Original object type (e.g. cube) (read only)
AutoUV Allow recalculation of UV coordinates or not
Visible Indicates if object is visible or not
Preserve Ratio While scaling, preserve object ratio or not
Snap method The way the object is snapped to the current grid
Comments User comments.
Tag Additional technical information and/or custom properties, to be used by exporters and custom readers.
ID The ID value used internally (read only)
Center The center of the object, calculated by using the object's Axis Aligned Bounding Box (read only)
Width The width of the object (read only)
Height The height of the object (read only)
Depth The depth of the object (read only)
Polygons The number of polygons in the object (read only)
Edges The number of edges in the object (read only)
Vertices The number of vertices in the object (read only)

Lighting Properties

Override Material If set, allows the primitive to locally override the lightmapping settings from any material assigned to it
Cast Shadows Override the Material's Cast Shadows setting
Receive Shadows Override the Material's Receive Shadows setting
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