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DeleD Interface

The Scene Panel gives you the ability to edit properties relating to the current scene. It also gives you the ability to view the scene in a treeview style format, breaking down your scene into each primitive and light. DeleD also gives you the power to modify certain properties from any object within your scene via this screen.

Scene Properties

The scene properties frame displays a number of properties related to the current scene. You can see how many objects, lights, polygons, edges and vertices are used within your scene and modify certain properties.

Scene Inspector

The Scene Inspector contains a treeview list of all objects in your scene. You can select any of the objects simply by clicking on them with the mouse. DeleD also allows you to select multiple objects if you have the CTRL key pressed down while clicking objects. The Scene Inspector also allows you to view objects which appear hidden within your scene. A hidden object has an image of a black light in the inspector. The Scene Inspector also gives you the ability to view the properties for any object. To do this, click the right mouse button on the desired object, and select Properties from the popup menu. This will display the properties in the Object Inspector window.

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