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Short Bio

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut. Currently my spare time is spent working on the Tesla Graphics Engine, a 3D rendering engine built in C# that's designed to be graphics API independent (and in the future, cross-platform using Mono). Currently it supports DirectX10 and XNA 4.0.

To Do

  • Tinker with templates
  • Help out with wiki organization
  • Content Pipeline: Panda3D (notes - verified to work)
    • (1) Obtain Jwatte's direct x outputter
    • (2) Do not output texture paths; Output to text format; Include materials; Copy Textures;All Geom boxes
    • (3) Edit texture paths in the output file based on the relative paths to texture folder (if any)
    • (4) Convert to egg format with x2egg.exe (seems to only work when I specify the output egg name too)


I moved the template list to its own page.

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