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Welcome to the DeleD Wiki! This wiki is a community supported repository of information about the 3D modeling package DeleD. Feel free to add information of your own, or correct any mistakes you find (be it content, grammar or spelling). Comments may be posted throughout the pages. However, if you have urgent questions, you are probably better of posting them at our forums.

If you want to contribute to this Wiki, we kindly request that you start out at the Community Portal to find out where your help is most needed.
DeleD Interface

DeleD Community

DeleD Plug-Ins

DeleD can be made to do new tricks through the use of DeleD plugins. The SDK for developing plug-ins is available in the DeleD installer, and you can also use an existing open source plug-in as a starting point. There are also additional resources for developers, see the Plugin Development Wiki Page.

DeleD Tutorials

You are new to DeleD or want to learn more about working with it? Check out the tutorial page!

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